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LOST MARY debuts flagship pod system vape TAPPO

LOST MARY debuts flagship pod system vape TAPPO


  • LOST MARY‘s first refillable pod system in Europe, powered by a full-set QUAQ solution
  • Delivers authentic flavour reproduction and consistency
  • Battery capacity sets a new standard for closed pod systems
  • Compatible with all QUAQ standard pods for a comprehensive range of flavours 
  • LOST MARY’s unmistakable design in polished stainless steel

Global vaping innovator LOST MARY has unveiled its first pod system, TAPPO.

The new closed-pod system lets vapers easily replace prefilled pods when finished, offering an alternative to single-use vapes.

LOST MARY's flagship pod system vape TAPPO
LOST MARY’s flagship pod system vape TAPPO

Small yet powerful

With a powerful rechargeable 750 mAh battery, TAPPO enables longer vaping sessions on a single charge than other closed-pod devices. QUAQ CELL, a technology that innovates by incorporating a battery and a PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) into a power module, also brings automated vaping manufacturing into reality, guarantees consistent product quality, and paves the way for systematic dismantling

Authentic flavour, dense vapour

Complemented by QUAQ MESH and QUAQ CAPSULE, QUAQ’s two other pillar technologies, TAPPO extends the consistent and robust flavour experience its single-use counterpart is famed for, from the first draw to the last.

Powered by QUAQ MESH, TAPPO achieves even heat distribution, and precise atomisation. CAPSULE features a liquid-coil separation structure and maintains e-liquid freshness to give a smooth vaping experience without latency or compromising on flavour integrity and quality.

The intricate structure and new materials in QUAQ CAPSULE also vastly reduce leakage by properly absorbing and storing e-liquid. 

These improvements significantly address a common hurdle faced by those who have switched to vaping to quit smoking.

Style meets functionality

Aesthetically, TAPPO retains the essence of LOST MARY’s pioneering and distinctive ergonomic design. Enhanced by a stainless steel shell, it has a high-end quality finish seldom seen in its vaping category.

In addition, TAPPO features a smart indicator that uses three colours to display the battery level, allowing vapers to check the device status at a glance.

Compatible with QUAQ-standard prefilled pods

TAPPO initially offers a choice of 15 pod flavours, tailored to suit individual tastes, with more flavour varieties and product colours in development. It’s compatible with all QUAQ-powered prefilled pods from other brands, providing an extensive range of options to suit personal preferences.

TAPPO is expected to arrive in continental Europe shortly after its UK launch. 


Global vaping innovator LOST MARY, is dedicated to helping vapers discover their true selves on their journey to quit smoking, setting industry trends and creating the benchmark in product quality.

For years, LOST MARY has progressed in breaking free from traditional product forms, navigating uncharted innovation territories and bringing the best possible user experience with new designs, technologies and flavours.

For more information about LOST MARY, visit our website at 

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